The Ungermann Brothers.

The Ungermann Brothers story is about two brothers, Ben and Danny and their journey, in making an ice cream experience like no other.

Being born and bred in Ipswich, attending St Edmund’s College at the top of town, the boys had always understood the importance of supporting the local community.

As years passed on, both boys worked in various parts of the Ipswich community, but they both had always dreamed of opening a business together. Eventually, Danny had found his love for sales and worked at the local Volkswagen, while Ben discovered his passion for food and decided to go on Masterchef Australia in 2017.

Before going into the show, Ben mainly knew how to cook savoury dishes, which is ironic, considering the fact that he opened up an ice cream parlour after the show. Whilst being in the MasterChef environment, Ben would go home after each night and study. With this, he eventually learnt the skills to make desserts, and in particular, ice creams. Ben was made the runner-up of MasterChef Australia 2017 and along with that, he was known as the ‘Ice Cream King’.

It was originally Ben’s plan to open Dutch café after the show, however, there was a lot of requests from the fans to make an ice cream parlour, which is exactly what he did. Ben and Danny sat down and created the idea of the ‘Ungermann Brothers’ gourmet ice cream brand. But the boys didn’t want to make any old regular ice cream store, they wanted to create an experience unlike no other. The big question was, where should this experience be created? The answer was simple for the boys; right in their hometown of Ipswich.

Though there was much speculation about the store being opened in Ipswich, the boys stuck with their gut and with what they believed in and started designing what would be the Ungermann Brothers gourmet ice cream parlour.