Our Team

Danny Ungermann

Business Director/ Owner

I really wanted to bring a different experience when you come into Ungermann Brothers. My name is Danny Ungermann and I am the owner of Ungermann Brothers Ice Cream Parlour. I was so proud of my older brother Ben after he followed his dream to cook and share it with the world. Ben has always been a visionary and has had so many ideas. All he needed was someone to put it in the right direction. Ben proposed an idea of starting a dessert parlour in Ipswich with an experience you could not get anywhere else. I loved the idea and for 3 months we put our heads together to see the restaurant that we now call Ungermann Brothers. My roll in the business is make sure everything runs smoothly and make sure every customer gets a unique experience. I left my corporate job of seven years to follow this dream and can not wait to see what it holds in the future.

Ben Ungermann


Hi my name is Ben Ungermann and I am Master Chef Runner Up of 2017. I am an Ipswich Boy born and raised. I have grown up in this city, gone to school and uni here and also been playing sport in the area all my life. I decided to apply for Master Chef as my family suggested that I loved cooking and I should share it with the world. Going into the show as a savory cook I didn’t really know to much about desserts however every night I would study and for the 8 months whilst in the house. This is where I developed a love for ice cream. When I arrived back home I spoke with my brother Danny and asked if he would start this venture with me. Its amazing to see how far we have come and can't wait to release all the other plans and idea's I have in the near future.

Emerence Ungermann

Store Manager

My name is Emerence and I am the General Manager at Ungermann Brothers. Ben and Danny are my boys and when they asked me if I wanted to get involved with a family business I hands down took up the opportunity. I really believe in Ben and Danny as they both have different strengths that compliment the different aspects of a successful business. My main goal is focusing on a unique experience that you can not get at any other dessert parlour and customer experience and reaching clients expectations. I love what I do and hope it shows when you come and visit.

Lauren Bishop

Head Cook

My name is Lauren Bishop and the head cook at Ungermann Brothers Ice Cream Parlour. I have been with the brothers since the start when we opened in January 2018. I have learnt so much in regards to desserts and ice creams. I am very passionate about the product that we produce in store by hand. What I love most is that when we have an idea about a new flavor I can trial it at the shop and see if it fuses with how we make our ice cream.

Gia Mukherjee

Marketing Manager

I’m Gia, the Marketing Manager at Ungermann Brothers. I’ve been a part of the Ungermann Brothers journey from the start and was one of the first employees hired. I was mainly based in the retail side of the store, but as time passed, I was able to move into marketing. My main job is to book Ungermann Brothers in to various events, handle our social medias and create in-store promotions.