New Burgers, New Shakes, New Loaded Fries and New Desserts!


Our Holiday Menu!


At Ungermann Brothers we don’t just buy store bought items, we make them from scratch. All our ice cream is made here in Ipswich from locally grown ingredients and fused by our team to make the freshest desserts available.

We are your local ice cream connoisseur’s and we love making our crazy fusion of gourmet ice cream flavours.

We also create all our burgers from local Ipswich suppliers, for example our smoked pulled pork comes from Springfield, even our milk buns are produced in the heart of Ipswich from the Little Pretzel Shop.

We want to support our local producers and food artisans and we can consistently do this if you keep supporting us Ipswich.


Gourmet Ice Cream Crafted from Local Ingredients

Choose from over 17+ different flavours